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Cast List

ANDREA PARKER as Miss Parker
PATRICK BAUCHAU as Dr. Sydney Green
JON GRIES as Broots
PAUL DILLON as Angelo/aka Timmy
RICHARD MARCUS as Dr. William Raines / aka Abel Parker
KIM MYERS as Margaret
JEFFREY DONOVAN as Kyle (1st – 2nd seasons)
MARISSA PARKER as Emily (1st/4th seasons)
ALEX WEXO as Sydney Green (in flashbacks)
ALEX WEXO as Jacob Green (in flashbacks)
ANDREA PARKER as Catherine Elaine Jamison-Parker (in flashbacks)
RYAN MERRIMAN as young Jarod (in flashbacks)
ASHLEY PELDON as young Miss Parker (in flashbacks) (1st – 3rd seasons)
JAKE LLOYD as young Timmy/aka Angelo (in flashbacks) (2nd – 3rd seasons)
ZACKARY BROWNE as young Kyle (in flashbacks) (1st – 2nd seasons)
JONATHAN OSSER as younger Jarod (in flashbacks)
DENNIS KACENGA as youngest Jarod (in flashbacks)
DAVID SAWYER as Mr. Parker (in flashbacks)
PAMELA GIDLEY as Bridgette (2nd – 4th seasons)
JAMIE DENTON as Mr. Lyle/aka Bobby Bowman (2nd season - movies)
SAM AYERS as Sam the Sweeper
WILLIE GAULT as Willie the Sweeper
KELSEY MULROONEY as Debbie Broots (2nd – 3rd seasons)
AMIR ABOULELA as Gar (2nd season)
GEORGE LAZENBY as Major Charles (3rd – 4th seasons)
JASON BROOKS as Thomas Gates (3rd – 4th seasons)
RYAN MERRIMAN as Gemini (3rd season)
LENNY VON DOHLEN as Mr. Cox (4th season)
TYLER CHRISTOPHER as Ethan (4th season – 1st movie)

Lyle, Raines, Jarod, Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots, all looking serious except Jarod who is smirking

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